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Rio Bueno Port | Tank-Weld
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Rio Bueno Port

Project Overview

The Rio Bueno Port was conceived in 2006, began construction in March 2007, and received its first vessel in August 2008. This landmark investment located in Trelawny, comprises a 600’ long by 50’ wide concrete wharf, a 40’ draft, a warehouse of over one million square feet equipped with 100 overhead cranes and 30 acres of land adjacent to the port. Located only 300 yards from the wharf, these facilities were constructed completely by Tank-Weld.

The Rio Bueno Port operates as the central logistics hub for Tank-Weld. It facilitates the importation and export of break bulk building materials. Incoming cargo is discharged from vessels directly onto our trailers and transported straight into the warehouse where overhead cranes are used to unload the cargo. The various building products are then loaded by the overhead cranes onto one of the 90 heavy duty trucks in our fleet.

The Rio Bueno Port continues to open up new opportunities for Tank-Weld, one of which is our long term charter of a break bulk vessel. This 5,000 tonne vessel enhances our efficiencies, and enables Tank-Weld to expand its capabilities further into providing a more comprehensive distribution and logistics service.